The mightily impressive Iguazu falls

One of the highlights of the tourist trail in Argentina is of course a visit to the mighty Iguazu falls, the largest waterfall system in the world. Move over Niagara and Victoria Falls (which we have both also visited), this is the Real McCoy. If you like water and rainbows which add an artistic touch to your photos, then this is the place to be. Nature in its finest form.

On the Argentinean side, you have more of the waterfalls themselves and you can get really close while doing the lower walk and also have a view from above from the higher walk. Some people we spoke to seemed to be writing off the Brazilian side but I think that is really unfair; from this side you get a full panorama of the falls and it is hard not to be struck by the huge scale of this stunning natural phenomenon.

And if you are after a bit of a drenching, both sides can happily provide that as the spray is of course tremendous and actually very welcome too as it was incredibly hot and humid when we were there. You just need to be a little careful with your camera and phone but once those are safely waterproofed, it was a joy to get a little bit wet and a little cooler!

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