Fine dining in the Clink

To give ourselves a treat (well it is the season after all), we opted for a fine dining option in Cartagena, Colombia.

But it came with a bit of a twist as our chosen restaurant was called Interno and was located inside the San Diego female prison.

The women working both in the kitchen and as waitresses are current inmates of the prison but are working in the restaurant as part of their rehabilitation programme to imbue them with useful skills they can then use on the outside once their sentences are complete.  The strong message behind this project is to give every woman a second chance and to demonstrate clearly and forcefully how mistakes can become opportunities.  The project also focuses on improving the quality of life of both the prison and post-prison population.

And for us, as well as getting to support an innovative and worthwhile cause, we got to sample some rather tasty food which was beautifully presented.  It was a bit of a rushed affair but I think that was more by virtue of the fact that they seem to run 2 sittings in the evening (which we hadn’t realised when we booked) rather than for any other reason although perhaps they don’t necessarily want you lingering around anyway.

And without wanting to spoil the fun in case your imagination has run wild, the restaurant is sort of attached to the jail rather than set deeply within its confines.  So you are not actually locked in while dining although the food preparation itself takes place behind bars.

All in all, a highly recommended evening out if you are looking for a bit of a treat while staying in Cartagena.

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