A married man’s lunch in a soda

The local Tico* diet consists largely of rice and beans: nothing new there for a Central American country although tortillas seem to have completely disappeared off the menu just to keep us on our toes. (*Ticos are how Costa Ricans refer to themselves).

A typical breakfast dish is gallo pinto (spotted rooster) which is stir fried rice and beans which you can jazz up with eggs if you feel so inclined. It is actually tastier than it looks.

L: Gallo pinto; R: Gallo pinto con huevos

And the most economical lunch time option is a casado (literally, a married man) eaten in a soda (a small informal canteen (equivalent of our greasy spoon with less grease)). This dish features meat, salad, vegetables and of course, the ubiquitous rice and black beans.

Although I should probably admit that in this country it has actually been quite hard to find comida tipica, certainly in the more touristy spots which we have been visiting. So it is nice to try it when we can! Some of the international food has not been that great and, in common with a lot of things in this country, rather over priced!

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