Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman……?

Well, sort of!  Today’s activity was zip lining in 100% Aventura’s Parque de Aventura in Monteverde.  Here we travelled through and above the treetops of the cloud forest first on 10 zip lines, 1 rope bridge and also on a rappel (a vertical rope drop).  Once hooked onto each rope by the team of professional guides, we then zipped along the cable to the next platform trying desperately to slow down when the sign for brake was given or to keep going when the opposite sign was indicated.  At one point, I didn’t quite make the arrival platform and came to a standstill on the wire (not quite in Boris Johnson fashion but not that far off) necessitating the guide to come out onto the wire himself to collect me before panic could set in while I was left suspended in mid-air.  But other than that we got round the adventure park with no mishaps.

Normal zip lines over (“normal” being when you go down them in an upright position), next came the 2 “superman” cables when we were hooked onto the wire in 2 places in a horizontal position to undertake what is billed as Latin America’s longest zip line (1,590 metres) over a valley with the rainforest canopy rather a long way below.  If I’m honest I found this one more than a little daunting and had to close my eyes especially when the wind seemed to get up a bit when I was half way along and I felt myself being buffeted around; when I did pluck up the courage to open my eyes, the arrival platform always seemed a fair way off although this time, I was fortunate enough to make it the whole way without getting stuck.  The second “superman” cable was only a mere 700 metres and so this was child’s play in comparison.

But to make sure you couldn’t get complacent at any point, the finale was the “biggest Tarzan swing in all of Costa Rica”.  Some people opted out at this stage but we saw the challenge through to the end.  For this one, we had to walk out along a hanging bridge onto a platform about 100 metres above the ground and then (once hooked up) free-fall for about 3 seconds (ok, that doesn’t sound like much but I can tell you it felt a lot longer!) down 45 metres until the rope “bit” at which point we swung back and forward quite far as well as up and down with at least 3 more little bits of stomach-lurching free-fall (albeit in ever decreasing amounts as we began to move towards a resting position).  There’s a reason I’ve never done a bungee jump before and after today, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to sign up for one in the immediate future.  Again on the Tarzan swing, I elected to keep my eyes mainly shut and actually found it a little disorientating when I did open them while bouncing around as the ground seemed to be at a bit of a strange angle.  To be honest, my preparation for this final swing hadn’t exactly been helped by the extremely loud screams of the girl who had jumped immediately before me.

Overall verdict:  all in all, it was fun and a big adrenaline rush, especially the “normal” zip lining runs.  However, I’m not sure that I, personally, would rush back for more “Superman” cables or Tarzan swings!  But each to their own: Peter was completely relaxed on the Superman cables, happily enjoying both the views with his eyes open as well as the excitement of it all.  

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