The universal language of candy crush

I was rather amused when my husband enthusiastically struck up a conversation in Spanish with the man standing next to him on our overcrowded bus from Rio Dulce to Flores.  Then I realised the conversation was about what level the guy had reached on Candy Crush which he was busy playing on his phone to while away the time.   As he was on level 2308, Peter was regarding him with open admiration (and this also gave him a chance to practise his (higher) numbers in Spanish).

Mind you the power of Candy Crush and Peter’s befriending of the bloke stood us in great stead when 2 hours into the 5 hour plus journey, a seat finally became free next to him who then kindly offered it to me as he was getting off only a short while later.  Hurrah.  Standing for the whole 5 hour plus journey was not a prospect that filled either Peter or me with much glee and Peter was also able to score a seat for the second half of the journey, albeit one without any legroom as the seat in front was broken and therefore its passenger almost on Peter’s lap.  However, after almost 3 hours of standing, any seat was an absolute bonus!

Sugar crush!

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