A splash of adrenaline

Today we did a walk (or more accurately a half swim/climb) behind a 43 m waterfall. We were at Pulhapanzak in Honduras which had a high volume of water cascading over it (this being winter and the rainy season).

After a short walk along a slippery muddy path, we had to scramble over some wet rocks and then jump into a pool to the left of the main waterfall. After another clamber down some rocks (eyes down and mouth open as the water was coming directly towards us) followed by a half swim/walk across another rock pool, we were inside the relative dry of a cave with an impressive amount of water cascading down in front of us.

But then the next 60 seconds or so were the hardest as we had to pull ourselves along a cable attached to the cliff behind the main part of the waterfall with quite a bit of its heavy flow heading our way. It was just a case of feeling your way along the steel cable and didn’t really make any difference if you had your eyes open or shut as you couldn’t really see anything anyway and certainly not where you were meant to be putting your feet: all a case of holding the faith and feeling your way along/scrambling over the submerged and therefore hidden rocks until you got to the second cave at the other side of the waterfall. Here we could sit back and watch the water pour over our heads – an immense amount of power there. All pretty spectacular stuff to say the least but no real chance to relax as it began to dawn on us that the only way out was to reverse our route thus far! OMG!

Back on dry land again, I felt able to breathe once more particularly after I had released my straps on both my helmet and life jacket (which I had rather zealously tightened as much as possible!). Ziplining was also available at the waterfall but we determined we’d had enough excitement for one day and so gave that a pass.

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