Studying hard aka becoming very familiar with Xela’s coffee culture

It’s been a tough few weeks grappling with verb conjugation after verb conjugation: who knew there were so many and let’s face it, we haven’t even started on the subjunctive mood yet!  “They” say that Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn but (a) I don’t know who “they” are and (b) even if that’s true, there still seems to be an awful lot of grammar involved.  It’s all about the endings as speakers don’t often use the personal pronoun and so it’s the ending of the verb which dictates who the subject is and in what tense you are speaking.  All well and good if you’ve been an exemplary student and learnt your verbs (especially those pesky irregular ones (which unhelpfully are not necessarily irregular in each tense or even in every person)) but less good if you are just having a pop to see what happens….!  What can possibly go wrong?

L: Our school in Xela (La Democracia); R: beautifully presented lattes

And let’s not even get started on the direct and indirect pronouns which, especially when put together with a reflexive verb, create complete havoc with sentences with “lo”s, “me”s, “le”s and “se”s popping up all over the shop (albeit no “doe”s,  or “ray”s thank goodness).

However all is not lost. We are making progress “poco a poco“.  And while our mornings are spent in class, our afternoons are free to appreciate fully the café culture of Xela by holing up for a few hours working through our notes and treating ourselves to scrumptious coffees and, more often than not it has to be said, to a treat or two.  After all surely we deserve a reward for all our efforts?  This student life can be hungry and thirsty work after all!

2 of our favourites: L: Café Luna: R: Café Bavaria, Xela

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