Beans means Heinz …..

…. or maybe not!  While attending at Spanish school in Guatemala, we are living with local families and eating home-cooked local food.  Black beans (“frijoles negros”) feature high on the list of food staples: along with corn tortillas, we’ve pretty much had beans every lunch and dinner time (although admittedly not for breakfast (not yet anyway….).

 Sometimes the beans come whole, other times in more of a purée form and sometimes as more of a soup.  But they are always there, often in pride of place on the plate.  To be fair, they are pretty tasty and we enjoy them, but it has to be admitted that they do come with a few (well known) side effects (although fortunately our stomachs have now grown accustomed to them and so they are less problematic than at first).


L:Tostado with black beans, guacamole and lots of toppings (a snack); R: dinner time with tortillas (under the yellow napkin) and black beans in the middle of the table.  

Buen provecho!   [This is the equivalent of “bon appetit” but is (slightly curiously) said at the end of the meal in response to “muchas gracias” said by the person who has just finished their plateful, rather than at the start of the meal.]

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