Back to school

Hola! Having arrived in the beautiful UNESCO city of Antigua Guatemala, we soon started Spanish school. It is fair to say it has been a while for both of us since we were last students and having 6 hours of one on one lessons each day was certainly a challenge (and when it is just you and the teacher, there really isn’t anywhere to hide!). Just to add a bit more to the intensity, we also took part in the afternoon activities such as guided tours (in Spanish of course) etc and stayed in a homestay with a local family where only Spanish was spoken.

And so how are we faring? Well considering we are typical Brits and not natural linguists, I think we are doing ok. Muy bien. We are persevering despite finding it all pretty exhausting. In truth, it’s pretty enjoyable if at times we have wondered what exactly we are doing and why!

But it’s not over yet … although we will be leaving Antigua this weekend, the plan is to continue our studies in Xela so let’s see how we fare in that city where reverting to English really isn’t an option (unlike in Antigua which is firmly on the foreign tourist map).

Bien hecho!

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