Who wants to be a millionaire?

Imagine the ATM giving you the option of withdrawing a million in cash. Well in Indochina that’s the reality; in fact in Laos, you can normally withdraw 1.5 million and in Vietnam, upto 3 million each time. However, unfortunately even though you end up quite quickly being a millionaire, in fact these ATM limits are in fact quite low as 1.5 million Lao Kip is only approximately £130 and 3 million Vietnamese Dong even less (under £100)!

The reality is therefore in these predominantly cash societies you need to make quite frequent trips to the cash machines. This comes at a cost as the ATMs all charge per withdrawal. Also, annoyingly the charges vary wildly between different banks (and some ATMs don’t even let know you know the costs upfront so it can all be a bit of a minefield!)

Still, no matter how spurious a claim it may be, it’s a little bit of fun to think you are a millionaire even if only for a short while!

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