Why does it always rain on me?

Ok so until now we’ve pretty much lucked out on the weather. True the temperature has wildly fluctuated and at times, it’s been bitterly cold (e.g. in Nepal in December and January), but that memory has now faded and when I see my thermal underwear in my rucsac, I now wonder why it’s taking up precious room and weight in there (completely forgetting it was a life saver only a few months ago). How fickle backpacking can make you.   

Until now, we really hadn’t seen much rain at all in 7 months.  To be fair, the weather in Japan was a little more mixed even a bit schizophrenic at times, for example in Kyoto on one day we had clear blue skies and blazing sunshine then the next day, it literally rained all day long (without respite which was actually pretty miserable) and then the next day we were back to blue skies again.  It really was quite odd.

But now we’ve definitely hit the monsoon. To be fair this was to be expected as we are in June in South East Asia (currently in Laos), but even here it’s unpredictable and touch wood, so far, better than the some of the weather forecasts we’ve seen which have predicted thunderstorms every hour of the day (which is a little daunting to say the least).  In practice on some days, we’ve just had some torrential but short-lived downpours, but on others, the rain has set in for longer periods.  And when I say torrential downpours, it’s like someone emptying a bath tub above your head (and not just the one!): when it decides to pour here, there is an incredible volume of water.



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