A different planet

6 May 2018

I thought we had booked a simple plane ticket from Delhi to Tokyo.

But having landed, I’m now doubting whether we are in fact still on the same planet or if somehow we have entered a different universe.

It’s been a long long time since I’ve experienced culture shock on arrival somewhere new but I’m definitely experiencing something here (perhaps reverse culture shock if that even exists?)

The quiet respectful order of this immaculately clean country could not possibly contrast more with the chaos, noise and frenetic activity of over-populated India.  Talk about chalk and cheese.  That’s not to put India down (far from it, we loved it) but  even coming directly to Japan from the UK, I’m sure you would notice the difference.

Don’t worry though, I’m confident we are up to the challenge and can adjust accordingly.  A tough gig I know …. but hey someone has to do it!!


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