X rated

[Warning: this blog is not for anyone who blushes easily!]

 As you travel around Bhutan, at every turn there is some colourful story about a local deity or other religious figure.  One of the most colourful, perhaps, is Drukpa Kunley otherwise known as the Divine Madman for his unorthodox ways of teaching and his outrageous shocking behaviour with sexual overtones. It is in his honour that there are a large number of decorative phalluses on houses (as well as to protect fertility).  It can be quite surprising when you look at a shop front and suddenly see a wooden penis sticking out above the door (right next to several photos of the Bhutanese Royal family).  Other than shocked tourists, no one seems to bat an eye!

On the way to Chimi Lhakhang, a temple which the Divine Madman is credited with founding, as well as passing through picturesque paddy fields, you pass a number of handicraft stalls all ready to sell you decorated phalluses of all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes.


In what in so many ways seems to be an ultra conservative and traditional country, to see all these decorations is a little surprising to say the least!

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