Bath time

12 April 2018: Today we had a dotsho (traditional hot stone bath). Essentially we each sat in a simple coffin like wooden box inside the same wooden shed. The bath was filled to the brim with water that had been heated with red hot rocks outside. The water also contained some herbs or, in Peter’s case, a large bouquet garni type package (which on first blush looked a little like grandpa’s underpants).

A man stationed outside the shed would, on request, add more hot stones to the water behind a grill (necessary for both safety and privacy). And the water sizzled away.

And there we steamed out all our impurities and de-stressed from what is not a very stressful part of our trip at all. Yesterday we even had a complimentary “de-stressing” massage in our hotel so we are well and truly relaxed just in time to hit the ground running in India again.

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