Groundhog day

As you travel around India, it seems there is always someone ready to start a conversation with you.  People seem naturally curious. However, the “conversations” are pretty standard and tend to take one of the following forms:

Conversation 1:

From where are you coming?


Oh, United Kingdom.  Very nice country. I have a cousin/friend/other relative living in London*

 *sometimes London is replaced by somewhere a little more unusual e.g. Glastonbury or sometimes by a total non-sequitur, e.g. Canada. 


Conversation 2:

Which country?


Can I have a selfie?


Conversation 3:

Which country?


Oh, England.  Very good.  Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal.    


Conversation 4:

From where have you come?


I have a shop around the corner: come and have a look, just looking, no pressure.


Conversation 5:

Which country?


Very nice.  What is your profession?


Um, good.  What about you?


Ok ok. Are you married?


How many children?


Oh, sorry.


And so it continues over and over!  It is actually amazing just how often you can have the same chat in a day, sometimes many times within the same hour.  We seem to be on a bit of a loop, just like Groundhog Day!

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