Badami – the town where the ATMs are shut

1 March 2018: Somewhat ironically just as we were researching how to get cash out in Japan (apparently this is not that straightforward) and at the same time commenting on how easy it was to get money out in India (now that we had worked out which banks accepted international debit cards), we arrived in Badami where we hit a problem.  Almost all the ATMs were shut.  One that was open didn’t seem to like our card (despite being a bank that normally did accept international cards) and another local state bank said it only had 100 Rupee bills (about £1.15) which was not very practical when we normally take out about 10,000 Rupees each time.  Even the locals were shying away from this machine so we did the same.

So off we went looking around town to find an ATM but they were all shut.  On arrival at our 3rd State Bank of India ATM (this one actually attached to a bank: normally they are just in standalone kiosks), we found yet another closed ATM.  However, here there were lots of people waiting outside and we were told that it would open in “five minutes” so we joined the queue.  Fortunately our patience was rewarded (albeit the “five minutes” turned into about half an hour) and the ATM finally did open and – more importantly – was stocked with cash so we were able to load up.  Happy days.


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