I’m on the Top of the World looking down on Creation…

…. aka the Easy Way to see 4 of the World’s 5 Highest Mountains.

Move over trekking with its associated issues of acclimitisation, altitude sickness, tired legs, blisters, freezing cold tea houses and frozen water bottles: bring on the Mountain Flight where (with a glass of champagne in hand and from the luxury of a window seat on a small 30 seat plane), you get to see the following hit parade of peaks:

* Makalu (5th highest)

* Lhotse (4th highest)

* Kanchenjunga (3rd highest)

and of course Sagarmartha or Chomolungma (or Everest to you and me): the world’s highest mountain topping the charts at number 1.  Sagarmartha is its Nepali name while the Tibetans call the magnificent peak Chomolungma.

Everest and Lhotse

This was a fun way to say goodbye to Nepal at the end of our 2 month stint here.  And I wasn’t even put off the experience by my fight with a monkey in the airport’s check-in hall who had realised that the bag I was carrying contained our breakfasts and had jumped onto the bag to help himself.  While he did get away with one apple, I successfully managed to hold onto the rest although it was a little hairy and a surprising start to the day.  Little opportunistic thief!

L: General View over Everest Range and R: Everest and Lhotse


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