​Please Sir, can I have some more….?

Apparently one symptom of altitude sickness is a loss of appetite but we were obviously ok, as we ate heartily throughout.  Dall baht (lentils and rice) (with its bonus free refill) was the main staple but we were able to get a variety of other things too (fried rice, fried noodles, mo-mos (vegetable dumplings) and some pasta dishes).  On a couple of menus at the higher altitude, yak burgers also featured but we resisted this temptation (?) and stayed vegetarian.  Despite the troughing, we seemed to burn through all the extra calories and by the time we arrived in Pokhara, we had both lost a few pounds.  It is probably also my driest December on record: apart from a shared beer towards the end of our trek, it was water (when not frozen) all the way!

Thukpa (noodle soup)
Mo mo
Delicious Tibetan bread for breakfast
Everest Lager

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