The Land of the Kings


So we have continued our tour around Rajasthan which has been fort-tastic. As well as the forts/palaces in Jaipur, we’ve seen some impressive forts in Jodhpur (the Blue City), Jaisalmer (the Golden City) as well as visiting Udaipur (which could be known as the White City) and Bikaner.

Jodhpur (the Blue City)

[The mighty Mehrangarh (Jodhpur), Kumbhalgarh and Jaisalmer Forts]

We also stopped at Pushkar which is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus and also a hot spot backpacker destination (where it seems de rigeur to grow dreadlocks and walk around looking like you haven’t bathed for several weeks (but perhaps I’m just getting old)).


Udaipur has probably been our favourite place in Rajasthan so far – with its beautiful lake and impressive City Palace. Like pretty much every other hostel or restaurant in town, our hostel boasted a roof top with a lake view where it was nice to chill out and wonder how the richer tourists were doing at the Lake Palace Hotel in the middle of the lake (the riff-raff are kept well away as only hotel residents are allowed to visit the hotel). One of our best activities was doing a guided bike ride which, once we left Udaipur’s crazy traffic system, and got out of town onto the backwaters by the main lake and its sister lakes was really enjoyable: it was nice to get off the beaten track.

We also enjoyed getting lost in the Old City in Jodhpur with its tiny alleyways and paths which were not wide enough for cars to pass (although that didn’t stop the high volume of rickshaws or motorbikes).

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