Entrepreneurs in action

You’ve got to admire the spirit (and persistence) of hawkers. Peter’s daypack had been ripped for a while and this had been attracting a certain amount of attention from sharp-eyed hawkers. On the approach to Jaisalmer fort, he eventually succumbed and agreed to have someone sew it up.

And before I knew it, I also found myself having agreed to having some work done on my walking sandals – a job I didn’t even know had to be done! Before you could blink, my sandals were off, the glue was out together with the sewing thread and voila the bit that had (apparently) been flapping around was fixed.


As soon as our jobs were finished, you could see the hawkers chasing down the next person – anyone who had a loose thread or a small rip on any part of their clothing, shoes or bags was fair game.


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