Déjà vu

So for the second time on this trip, we felt a sense of abandonment (see “Robinson Crusoe” post). This time in the Thar desert somewhere outside of Jaisalmer where we had been cheerfully deposited by our camel driver, Joe*, who said goodbye and raced off into the sunset with the two camels we had ridden out to the sand dunes.


So we sat and waited and watched the sun go down and the ensuing sunset. This time we did have some snacks (high quality soya protein snacks we had bought at a Jain Temple earlier in the trip no less) but again no one for company apart from a few scarab beetles and (for a short while only) a stray dog who suddenly appeared and then disappeared as quickly again. It was another relatively odd experience.

Fortunately we were finally collected by our jeep driver, Mama*, who took us back to Jaisalmer which was obviously all part of the plan but perhaps it would have been helpful to have had a little more of said plan communicated to us in advance!

*Names probably should have been changed but who knows if they are real anyway

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