They’re grrrreat!

15 November 2017: Our foray into Ranthambhore National Park unfortunately yielded no sightings of any tigers (Tony or otherwise). We did however see a number of tiger prints in the sand although the more cynical among us mused whether they were pre-planted especially given their proximity to the entrance gate.

_MG_7371 All was not lost: we saw lots of “tiger food” – antelopes, spotted deer, samba deer, Indian gazelle (very similar (maybe the same?) to the Thomson Gazelle which you see all over Africa), peacocks and languar monkeys plus a whole host of smaller birds (including a number of owls).  Our key spot was a sloth bear which we were able to follow for a while. There were also a lot of crocodiles basking in the sun by the severely depleted water holes. Tigers are loners and cover a huge amount of ground and so we always knew that our chances of spotting one were slim. The guides rely on the warning cries of the other animals alerting everyone to the presence of tigers (or leopards) but unfortunately today everyone seemed to be living in harmony and so we left without a sighting.

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