Celebrity Squares

“Selfie? Selfie? Can I have a selfie?” chirrups a small girl in the Albert Museum in central Jaipur.   And suddenly from nowhere you find yourself posing not only with the small girl but seemingly all her extended family who have appeared from nowhere, all of whom seem absolutely delighted with the photo. But surely it’s one that will be deleted straight away isn’t it?

But this wasn’t a one off event.  At first, my celebrity star seemed to shine higher than Peter’s but then suddenly he had a long run in which he managed to catch up.  At one point he was asked for a selfie even when the guys in question actually had no camera themselves and I had to take the photo with my camera (not sure how that amounts to a selfie but never mind).  It will be interesting to see if the word “selfie” replaces “photo” in years to come.

Move over David Beckham, make way for the new celebrity



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