Destination: Pink City

For various reasons, including the fact that Delhi is currently enveloped in a thick cloud of toxic smog, we decided to change our plans and on arrival in India, headed straight for Jaipur, the Pink City, in Rajasthan.

The drive to Jaipur took about 5 to 6 hours: it’s probably fair to say that the road markings in India are indicative only and the trick seems to be to try to keep moving at all times (no matter what vehicle you are in – be it lorry, bus, car, auto rickshaw, motor bike, cyclist etc). Traffic seems to weave in and out (you can overtake on either side) and while driving is of course meant to be on the left, this is optional at times. My favourite sign so far is “Horn Please” painted on the back of lorries: this seems to be the most unnecessary sign in the world given the beeping is constant: there is certainly no need to remind anyone to use their horn. But somehow the traffic keeps moving (albeit only inch by inch in Delhi proper).

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