Robinson Crusoe

On a trip to Massawa which is on the Red Sea (Eritrea means Red Sea), we managed to piggy back onto a boat trip organised by some Russian ex pats who had also come down from Asmara for the weekend. However, something must have got lost in translation literally as they dropped us off on a tiny deserted island (Green Island) and then disappeared off without it being clear if or when they would return to pick us (or the white plastic furniture they had left with us) up. To be fair, as the boat was pulling away they kindly imparted some friendly advice, telling us to watch out for the snakes in the wooded area, to avoid treading on the sea urchins on the coral in the sea and also to be careful of the crows who might steal any food we had (had we indeed had the foresight to bring any provisions). It was a rather odd few hours especially after it only took us a few moments to realise that our survival skills were very limited (we didn’t even have a pen-knife between us) and the tiny shell-less crabs that inhabited the island didn’t look like they would provide any sustenance. Still the company was excellent and the Red Sea beautifully warm and the episode ended well – we were collected before the thermometer hit 37 degrees!img_6939.jpg

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