First hiccup

So in the end the rucsac won out (somewhat, it has to be said, to my surprise). However, by the time I had walked from Gatwick train station to the check-in desk, I was already thinking that carrying my pack was overrated and was thinking of Plan B.  Must have been the extra pair of socks that tipped the balance!

At the start however, it became a moot point: while we both arrived safely in Asmara, our bags did not. Our first hiccup and a bit of a logistical issue in a country where international mobile phones don’t work, wifi reception is pretty limited and generally it was a bit hard to work out who in fact we were meant to speak to in order to resolve the issue.   A question of “holding the faith” which ultimately did work as the bags arrived on the following morning’s flight (we were overly excited when the news of their arrival came through – in fairness, we’d only been apart 24 hours but it was only our first journey so made for a positive reunion!).


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